Become a Tax-Smart Real Estate Investor 
Learn the Fundamental Strategies ALL Investors Should Know, and How to Hold Your Tax Preparer Accountable to Great Results
Fact: most real estate investors are leaving thousands of tax dollars on the table. We review ~1000 real estate investor tax returns per year as part of our sales process and over 80% of them have errors or missed opportunities. 

You may be one of them. 

Real estate investors are smart and know they can be better optimized. They shop around for CPAs and find that the good ones are easily $3-$5k+ for 1-1 tax planning services. 

This leaves you in a predicament. 

1-1 tax planning isn't cheap... but you know that taxes are your biggest expense. learning how to reduce them even a little bit can mean a steak dinner, an extra vacation, or even the downpayment on a new rental property.

And while I may be biased, I strongly believe that all real estate investors should invest in learning about the tax code. 

Recognizing that 1-1 tax planning isn't in the budget of many investors, I came up with a new option:

A tax course that teaches you the top tax strategies investors need to know. 
Introducing Tax Strategy Foundation for Real Estate Investors
Brandon Hall
cpa & tax expert
At the completion of this course, you will know the fundamentals of the most important tax strategies for real estate investors and how to gut-check your own tax preparer. 

We'll review common mistakes most investors and CPAs make while preparing tax returns. 

You'll also learn about missed opportunities, a major one being partial asset dispositions. 

We set the record straight with REPS and dive into the 2013 Tangible Property Regulations (which will save you more money over time than REPS ever will). 

This course is for any real estate investor that is ready to get serious about saving taxes. 
Joining the wait list will ensure you are offered a $1497 price for the course when we launch Feb. 2021.
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